Shiba Inu Pockets Supplier Companions ChangeNOW to Launch a Crypto Alternate Aggregator

ChangeNOW and Tangem partner to launch Tangem Express, a crypto exchange aggregator that enables Shiba Inu wallet users to swap and convert cryptocurrencies.

Tangem, the renowned Shiba Inu hardware wallet provider, has announced a strategic collaboration with ChangeNOW, a prominent centralized crypto exchange. Tangem proclaimed the partnership in a recent post on X.

Tangem Express

According to the update, the alliance will birth another revolutionary crypto-focused product dubbed “Tangem Express.”

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The notification stated that the incoming platform is set to become an exchange aggregator that empowers Tangem Wallet users with various functionalities. In particular, Tangem Express features will include conducting cross-chain swaps and seamless cryptocurrency conversions. 

Moreover, Tangem noted that the platform will offer access to on-ramp/off-ramp services offered by multiple providers, all conveniently consolidated in one place. Also, the Shiba Inu hardware wallet provider stated that users can look forward to enjoying the best market rates through this integrated platform.

Besides, the firm highlighted that the integration of Tangem Express into the Tangem Wallet is expected to be completed in the coming months. Therefore, it encouraged those eager to stay in the loop on the exciting developments to keep a close eye on their latest announcements.

ChangeNOW Confirms Collab

In a recent tweet, ChangeNOW confirmed collaborating with the Shiba Inu wallet provider in the crypto swap endeavor. ChangeNOW expressed excitement over partnering with Tangem to streamline direct crypto exchanges and ensure smooth processing.

The exchange noted that in this particular alliance, the Shiba Inu wallet provider integrated its API services. According to ChangeNOW, the integration opens the gate to limitless possibilities in the crypto space.

Furthermore, ChangeNOW shared a link detailing how its API service works. According to the report, the API tool directly links crypto enterprises and ChangeNOW’s exchange platform. Moreover, it stated the tool empowers businesses to provide their clientele with swift and efficient crypto transaction processing for a diverse selection of over 850 cryptocurrencies.

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